What clients have said about Northern Virginia family and criminal attorneys Dusty Sparrow Reed and William H. Miller.

Dusty Sparrow Reed

Winning in an unwinnable situation…

5.0 stars

I recently went through a hellacious custody dispute in Loudoun County with my ex-wife that included false CPS allegations by my ex-wife and significant levels parental alienation, witness tampering / destruction of evidence, as well as an opposing counselor who repeatedly broke the law and would stop at nothing — in an effort to protect his client (throughout discovery and during trial). The end result, Dusty was able to quadruple the…

April 5, 2019

She is fantastic!!

5.0 stars

I’ve been fighting custody ever since my child was born 14 years ago. I’ve tried many times to get shared physical custody of my child but being in Maryland and my child in Virginia the odds were always stacked against me. I recently moved to Virginia and was interviewing attorneys and Dusty was the one I selected. She is absolutely great!! She listened to all of my concerns and all the detail I provided her. She did due diligence on…

March 21, 2019

Having the right attorney made a big difference

5.0 stars

Dusty is smart and experienced, and that shows in her confidence. She helped me make decisions every step of the way. I didn’t always listen to her because I was nervous but she never said, “I told you so.” She was patient and kind and explained things until I understood. The day of mediation was intense but having a no-nonsense attorney representing me made it so much better than expected. She understands that divorces…

December 12, 2018

Highly Recommended – Principled, Trustworthy Representation

5.0 stars

From a former client’s perspective, it is a genuine honor for me to endorse Dusty Sparrow Reed — an adept and resourceful litigator, strategic negotiator, and dedicated child advocate.
Navigating the court system is a potentially daunting task on most levels, but for a parent…

August 10, 2016

I did not even have to go to court!

5.0 stars

Dusty is my ex-wife. That is correct. I fully trusted my ex-wife to represent me and she executed perfectly in the case. Dusty assisted me in resolving an issue and I did not even have to appear in court once. She is a hard working Attorney who will go above and beyond to ensure that the needs of her clients are met. I highly recommend Dusty and would call on her again should I ever need an Attorney.

April 13, 2016

Reckless Driving

5.0 stars

Dusty was great! She was very thorough with my case and very informative. I was very unaware of what to expect as this was my first offense and she was able to walk me through the entire process smoothly. I would recommend her to anyone, she is a phenomenal lawyer and really knows her stuff. Very passionate about her work!

July 17, 2015


5.0 stars

Dusty was responsive to all my legal inquiries and requests, responding back in a timely manner and was prepared for any developments surrounding my case. She was passionate and driven throughout all court proceedings and maintained professionalism at all times.

July 15, 2015

Thanks for your generous help!

5.0 stars

Dusty volunteered her time to assist the Red Cedar Community on a matter related to the Loudoun County Public School system and its Board. She helped in the editing and construction of a letter we drafted for submission to members of the Board and advised us on procedures. She was responsive, interested, and very helpful Thank you for your help!

John | Red Cedar Board of Directors
July 8, 2015

William Miller

Provided me with detailed information!

5.0 stars

I submitted a consultation through Mr. Miller and he responded to me. My inquiry was about potentially getting a previous charge appealed. Not only was his information extremely thorough and complete, but provided me with detailed information as to the timeline and why I would not be able to do so, providing alternative options to each one. He looked up my case in the Virginia Court System and gave me accurate dates along with the timeline of expiration. In the end, while I was not able to appeal my case, Mr. Miller provided me with detailed information on each option that would have been afforded to me along with the time I would have had to make such a claim to appeal. He also apologies to me telling me that it probably isn’t what I want to hear, however again it was great information. I then asked about a potential pardon from the VA Governor and he researched that information providing me with the exact same information to go through the process. I had only mentioned it and he offered and provided extensive information to complete the process. If the need ever arises, I will contact this firm and have them represent me. I can say that after speaking with other attorney’s in the area, Mr. Miller provided THOROUGH and complete, accurate information with detailed timelines and dates that had me understand exactly what I needed to have done and any other options the first time. If you are considering hiring this firm, I would STRONGLY recommend you hire this attorney.

July 30, 2019

Highly recommended!

5.0 stars

William was very thorough, responsive and effective in his successful representation of me in my case. I give him my highest recommendation to anyone who is seeking representation. He is very professional and good at building rapport while maintaining confidentiality.

July 29, 2019

The Greatest Lawyer in America

5.0 stars

Mr. Bill Miller is the greatest lawyer in America. I want not just America but the whole world to know he is the greatest lawyer of all time. His expertise, faith, hope, trust and his fights are just extra ordinary to his clients. I am one of his past clients and was blessed to have him represent me. Mr. Miller keep on keeping on.

July 25, 2019

Highly recommend! Was amazing with my child support case!

Bill did an OUTSTANDING job with my child support case. He was also super quick to respond, gave very helpful advice, and was very thorough. I never even met him in person (my case was out of state) and he kept me regularly informed via email and phone and I felt in the loop at all times. I cannot recommend him enough!

August 1, 2019